Recommended Links

Movie Music Reviews
Filmtracks – One of the oldest and most thorough film score review sites in existence.

Movie Wave – A treasure trove of thoughtful and hilariously candid reviews.

Movie Music UK – A large site with many detailed reviews; Archive.Org is required to see many older ones, though.

Movie Music Information
Film Score Monthly – Official home of the e-magazine publisher and former film score label, with a vibrant message board.

Soundtrack Collector – Compendium of film score music releases and information.

Game Music Reviews
Square Enix Music Online – No longer limited to just Square-Enix titles, with many reviews (including some I wrote which were migrated from VGM Rush when it died).

Original Sound Version – Regularly updated blog of game score reviews and news.

RPGFan – Music section of a larger site, specializing in JRPGs but with reviews of some other genres and western composers.

Game Music Information
VGMdb – The premiere source for video game music, with many anime and doujin titles cataloged as well. Lively discussion board and review/purchase links are often included with album info.

Cover Art
Album Art Exchange

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